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Just Dust by enigmacyofme (me)

Just Dust by enigmacyofme (me)

Keep your eclectic apologies with you,
Cause one plus one equals two,
And two charlatans don't even sum up to you.

A sea of black pours over us,
As your promises turn to dust.
A mystery in the mist,
Protrudes from amidst darkened ships.

Where the captain, lets out a shrivelling yell,
And the men fall overboard, into a new realm.
Fall faster then Synster Gates on a guitar.
This is your ultimate solo, play, or land far.

The curtains have long closed,
Your act fades like fog.
No one remembers your name,
Lucky to be alive in Prague.

Don't forget to live,
Don't forget your line.
This is your mark,
Ready, set, go.
You will make it this time.
You will make it this time...
Or fall behind you must,
Forever engraved in my memory
But to others just dust.
Just dust.
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