enigmacyofme (enigmacyofme) wrote in heart_on,

Meaningless by Me (POCA)

Push you against a wall,
Feed your pain from within,
I want to feel this love.
I want to support you,
Share your sorrows.
Tell me how you feel,
Give me a 'bona fide' answer.
Something that means something.

Don't tell me you are fine,
When all i see is your suffering.
Don't tell me not much is going on,
When the world collapses around us.

I'm looking for the last source of truth,
Before all rivers dry up,
And the icy peaks shrivel.

.....Feed me.....

The dust is piling on my lips,
Kiss me.
Tell me, how does it feel?
When your heart has no aura.
When your heart goes cold.
When your heart is not there anymore.

Just a meaningless kiss to you,
Defines everything to me.
You can not understand,
And I dont expect you to.
My romance is more confused than I am.

And when your scintillating eyes shine over my shadows,
There will be an awakening.
Yes, there will.
I am sure.

...And there aren't many things I am sure about,
But I am...
You look delightful tonight.
That you do not share such an affection towards me.
Just another toy to play with....Just another one.

Sit on a shelf,
I do.
Another amulet.
I'll get dull one day.
Won't be picked up anymore.
But you will still,
You will still...
Infatuate me.
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