buffalojane (buffalojane) wrote in heart_on,

Dangling hearts, threaded by an everlasting string,

Sway with the beat of her breath.

Supple movements allude to the persuasion of grace and death,

As her coarse desire dismisses his rhythm’s illusionary cling.


My string of time is worn, her breaths evanesce, and yet my heart continues dangling.

Scissors of respite rupture the intertwined threads of life with affection of Macbeth.

Piercing are the eyes of sentiment notion, caressing me to civil death.

Oh pleasant lady, tender with caliber, I wish to banish your locks of nature abrading.


Cold overcomes the lack of breath released, and my heart becomes stone.

Weights of nothing tear the remaining remnants of the unrequited chain,

With throttling songs preaching the erroneous.


Streams run empty as the song of the earth ceases with daggers of passions groan,

Dangling hearts, threaded by an everlasting pain,

Sway with the beat of its own acrimonious.

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