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you may enter without knocking but are requested to commit suicide upon leaving


poetry mongers
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*********What We Do...*********

This is a community to help poets of all shapes and sizes to jolt, massage, arouse, or flog their creative senses.

*~~~ We offer scheduled exercises, collaborative activities, and discussion topics all about, around, under, and over poetry. If you want to practice an exercise, please post your results in the comments of the initial post, so it can all be added to memories. Also, feel free to peruse past prompts here for inspiration. and look over our community resources for online reading material, informative websites, glossaries, tools and other great implements. :)

Sorry, but only moderators OR those appointed to give scheduled exercises will be allowed to post challenges and prompts so that we don't have post overload. HOWEVER, you got an idea? Run it by me or any one of the mods and we'll more than likely let you conduct a ho-down.

*~~~ We will take UP TO 8 poems a day, (this does not apply to exercises or questions posed) posted by our members for feedback. If you notice that there are already 8 poems up for critique for the day then you'll have to wait until tomorrow...so sit back and help your brethren and sistren. If you decide to post your poem when there are already 8 up, it WILL BE DELETED at the descretion of a moderator.

*~~~ We are all here to help SO also feel it as your duty to give feedback good or bad, as if it is your duty to improve the quality of writing the world over. Tact does not constantly have to be utilized if you feel the passion

*********on FEEDBACK...*********

*~~~ None of this "nice, i like it" or "this blows" WITHOUT the reasons as to why you feel the way you do. Back your opinions, please.

*~~~ If you are on the virtually chastised side of a critique, it is best to keep what opinions you want and chunk the rest = let's not whine because someone's not completely enamored with our work.

*~~~ Suggestion; If you post a poem for feedback, you might want to give us a little input as to exactly WHAT it is you want critiqued. Kinda like; when you only needed help with fluency or line breaks and instead, ya got told off for your dangling modifier. "I asked if I look fat in the dress, not if you noticed my zit."

*********on POSTING...*********

*~~~ 3/1 ratio of comments to posts;
this is one of the most important rules. As a member you MUST commit to 3 crits given to the poems of others BEFORE posting. You don't HAVE to provide links (to where you've given critique) when you post, but be prepared to defend yourself if you are asked. It's an honor system, and we want to keep up with activity and for everyone to give as much as they get. It's irritating to see someone only posting in order hog up ego slop instead of offering the help he receives in return.

*~~~ Submit ALL posts to ALL members. No screening.


*~~~ NO advertising of this community to others is condoned. PLEASE DON'T ADVERTISE US in other communities.
AND any advertisements of other communities will by deleted by our moderators.

*~~~ PLEASE don't join this community just to make your friends list look bigger than it is. We need serious writers who are ready to work, to improve, who are in love with this art form.

*~~~ The creator of this community has not yet learned the virtue of patience = once you are banned, you are banned absolutely, indefinitely, and for all eternity. So after reading the bio, if you're not sure of what you're about to do, it's probably not a good idea to do it.


have fun! be humbled! be amazed! be helpful! be merciless and have mercy! be aroused and arouse! be inspired and inspire!

Please report funny bidness to tattooedquaker@yahoo.com or to one of your moderators; coyotecult, nerak_g, and slomosexual