cuponoodlepower (cuponoodlepower) wrote in heart_on,


Yellow and orange streaks
Bouncing off the car window
I fortify my head with the glass
the hot tub was
definitely too hot.

My veins
pulse with blood
moving too quickly
flooding my limbs,
swelling them
rushing into my temples,
Making them throb.

The glass is cool, and I can hear
the wind outside.
Pushing to get inside
it almost sounds like the door
is partly open.
The small window behind my head
wobbles with the force of air
I worry the door will fall open
I will go sprawling into the
Asphalt under me.

Every turn, makes the door
shake a little more
every time, my weight is
pushed against the padded arm rest.
The wind gets a little stronger.
Deep breath in and let it out again.

The lights wear halos,
like tall angels watching over,
all the cars speeding
down the Street.

My eyes are still burning
and my head
is still swimming
in the too hot
Hot tub
but the angel street lamps
are watching
and so I stop worrying.
The door won’t fly open tonight.
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